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Clan Jade Falcon (Alliance/Horde) is a medium-RP Guild on the World of WarCraft’s Sentinels (US) RP-server, with a mission to protect Azeroth from all powers that would seek to conquer or destroy it. As one of the oldest Guilds on Sentinels (formed on December 27, 2006), Clan Jade Falcon is a Guild steeped in tradition. We run the gamut with our events: from Tavern RP nights to Mythic dungeons, and current raid content.

Clan Jade Falcon puts the needs and interests of our Guild members first and foremost. We are more than a Guild – we are a tight-knit family and social group. The only thing we ask from our members is that they act maturely and cordially to their fellow players – both inside and outside of the Guild. We wish to promote a warm and friendly environment not just for our own Guild, but for the entirety of the server as well.

Guild News

Promotions - 3/11/2017

Neo Pryde (Detheron) - 193 days ago

Congratulation to the following on their promotion to Crusader:

• Cursive

• Fourleb

• Hooli

• Thadarla Ustone

And congratulations to Orus on his promotion to Templar! Seyla!

Leilanii Running-Elk

Neo Pryde (Detheron) - 195 days ago

Congratulations to Leilanii Running-Elk on her promotion to saKhan!

Moulder Everbloom

Neo Pryde (Detheron) - 195 days ago

Congratulations to Moulder on becoming the progenitor of the Everbloom Bloodhouse!

Karyudo Feng

Neo Pryde (Detheron) - 195 days ago

Congratulations to Karyudo Feng on obtaining the Feng Bloodname!

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